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In the beginning…

Not too long ago someone encouraged me to start to write a blog…UM…Not being particularly brilliant at writing and having read quite a lot of blogs myself I said “no” straight away. Now I have been thnking about it a bit and thought why not indeed. So here I go…Dropping off that precipice into the vast unknown wondering where my thoughts will take me, and hopefully you. I say you in the hope that someone will actually read the rambling of a missionary in the heart of the Alps.

So We begin this Journey ..Please do encourage me with your comments and thoughs as I write. I suppose if you don’t then I will probably give up thinking that no one is reading what I write, but I look forward to sharing my thoughts as we walk the walk He has called us to…

Love N Stuff


The mountains hold hidden treasures… 🙂


Shofar is a non-denominational Christian ministry which seeks to rally the Church in France (and beyond) to action. It is a call back to a radical, no compromise, relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer, worship, teaching and fellowship. It is a call to the Christians in France to rise up and take a stand for Christ in their nation. Initially to take seriously their committment to Jesus Christ in their own lives and then to see that influence those around them in the home, the work place, in government and in leisure times. Such should be the motto of all Christians “May God’s kingdom come… If you want to know more about SHOFAR what’s in the name, who we are, what we do click here 

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